Lathe and Press

A small print and design shop located in Wenatchee, WA. Specializing in custom stationery + packaging, event products, and planning essentials. Work with a print and design specialist during complimentary consultations, providing industry-leading free custom samples. Eco-friendly with a focus on making good and lasting impressions on our community.

About the Artist

    Sustainable practices to lessen our impact. Paper shipping and packaging.


    Work with an experienced print and design specialist from concept to shipment.


    Always offering quotes and digital drafts. Email with your requests.

  • Graphic Design

    Line-art, logo creation, photo manipulation, web and print advertisements are only a few of the services offered.

  • Custom Printing

    Only the best performing papers are used in our print shop. From concept to shipment, testing and quality is top priority.

  • Designer Consultations

    Work with the same, experienced specialist throughout your order. Free consultations and design drafts are available!

Lathe and Press

‪(415) 967-0837‬ Wenatchee, WA 98801, USA


Free Quotes + Constulations