About the Print Shop

Lathe and Press is located in Wenatchee, Washington, USA.
Currently, the office is not open for in person consultations; however, online consultations are available. 
The office currently holds a CMYK full color EPSON printing machine, an antique iron press, a hand powered paper cutting machine, and an assortment of cutters and foilers going through the development process. If you want to follow along with the LP adventures, check out our instagram!
 antique iron press
Adobe Suite (up to current CC version)
Spreadsheet Organization
Quality Control with constructive feedback
Repeating Pattern (creation and scaling)
Vector line-art sketches (quick non-branded outlines for new product review)
Brand and Product Development
Pre Press File Production
Product Illustrations, including line-art (for presentations)
File Template Setup, line-art and clipping mask (for fabric competitions)
Product Template Creation (web and print)
Prototype Production
Photo Enhancement (web and print)
Photo Repair (web and print)
Visual Design Specialist
Print Design Specialist
Communication and File Sharing
Design Consultant (web and print)
Stationery Designer
Art Print Designer
Letterpress Specialist (pantone and plate creation)
Digital Print Specialist (all color CMYK)
Inventory Intake and Organization
Note taking and strategic thinking
Specification Sheet creation
Acrylic Painting medium
Watercolor Painting medium
Composition and Typography (regarding art and print)
Hand Lettering
Product Packaging Design and Quality Control